Call of the Mountains

Winner of "Best Piano Album (solo) 2014" from Zone Music Reporter!

All Compositions by Masako

Produced by Will Ackerman

More piano-centric album than the first. Masako paints lush theatrical pictures of the Northeast Mountains in the United States with her musical palette. There are twelve solo piano pieces and four ensembles.

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1. Dawn

I wanted this this first tune of the album to convey a sense of hope to the listeners. A few musician friends told me that they really liked this song. That made made me very happy.

2. Kindness from Strangers

Humans are amazing creatures. We have an ability to show our kindness to people we don't know...some time even to our enemies.

3. Bigfoot Forest

Living in a mountain region, I often hear stories of people running into Bigfoot not far from my town.

4. Watching the Clouds

I'm simply happy when I meet somebody who says "I'm fond of watching clouds." !

5. A Highland Tale

The lives in the mountains are not easy. People have unique lifestyle and unique tales are passed down through generations.

6. Reflections

There are a lot of beautiful ponds and lakes in New England. This makes my trail-walking even more fun.

7. The Day of Crossing the Hudson

The Hudson River runs from the Adirondack Mountains in northern New York State and flows on the west side of Manhattan island into the Atlantic Ocean. This river has a rich and unique history.

8. Mountain Trolley Remembered

There's a ghost town called Glastenbury high up in a mountain in Vermont. It used to be prosperous. A trolley went up the hills to transport people. One winter, a flood wiped out the railroad tracks.

9. Purple Indulgence

Purple is my favorite color. I've always wondered why a person is fascinated by particular colors. I haven't found an answer yet.

10. Wildflowers

In the north land where I live, the summer is short but is filled with many wildflowers. it is a real pleasure to adorn my dinner table with a variety of simple wildflowers I pick randomly in my backyard.

11. Blue Blaze

On the trees along and around the Appalachian Trail, there are painted marks. white Blaze or Blue Blaze, so people won't get lost. Even with all these markers, i get lost easily because I tend to chat away with my companions. Once, I was lost on a trail, tried to get out of woods in a panic, and ended up finding my way out into a ski slope.

12. Precious

The older I get, the more I feel that human beings, including myself, are such a precious existence. I sometimes wish that I had felt that way more than I did when I was young.

13. The Other Side of Tristess

One of my favorite tunes on this album. In the last half, Jeff Haynes joins with his amazing percussion, and then comes an exquisite interplay of Will Ackerman's guitar and Noah Wilding's vocal.

14. Smoky Rain

I really want the listeners to listen closely and enjoy the nuances I added into this tune as I played it.

15. Mt. Katahdin

Located in the state of Maine, Mt. Katahdin is the northern end point of the Appalachian trail. if you walk the Trail end-to-end, it would take about five months. I'd like to try this "thru-hiking" sometime in the future.

16. Lullaby for the Hills

Mountains are always on my mind. if I was asked to choose between an urban life surrounded by friends all the time or an often lonely life in the mountains, I'd choose the latter.

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